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  1. Statement By Tribes And Communities Affected by Mining Megaprojects in La Guajira


  2. Más de 1.000 personas dieron inicio a la segunda asamblea del movimiento social del macizo colombiano


  3. "A la minería ilegal hay que tratarla como al narcotráfico"


  4. PBS Show Profiles Conflict, Gold and BACRIMs in Colombia

    Are Living," which airs November 1 and is part of a five-part series on women and war, raises new questions about the evolution of the Colombian conflict, and the extent to which the new generation of criminal ... Negras – New Generation. One local leader is killed. A group of eight gold miners is massacred. Even (...)

  5. Transnacionales son juzgadas por los pueblos de Latinoamérica


  6. Enredos de una petrolera: la Canadiense Pacific Rubiales


  7. The UN Special Rapporteur addresses the impacts of extractive industries on indigenous peoples

    (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The Report provides ... Committee Statement   James Anaya Says Issue Will Be Major Focus of Work during New Mandate; Hopes ... of the 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples to open a new phase in the promotion and protection (...)

  8. Déclaration finale du Congrès National des Terres, Territoires et Souverainetés


  9. Declaration of the Colombian National Congress of lands, territories and sovereignties

    This is a series of serious commitments in the building of a new country, acquired by organizations and processes (...)

  10. Colombian Workers Constantly threatened

    Except nothing was done to facilitate direct contracting between workers and their employers. So a new ... SAS. Meet the new boss; worse than the old boss. The government has done little to help. When I asked (...)