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  1. Canada’s Promotion of Mining Industry Belies Claims of Corporate Social Responsibility

    2006, the new President repeated the call for a ban on open-pit mining, struck a new commission to redraft the mining law, [4] and put a moratorium on any new mining concessions. [5] The Honduran private ... in a mining law that would better serve the people’s interests. [7] By May 2009, a new draft  mining bill (...)

  2. World Bank Group Opens Case on Eco Oro Minerals' Gold Mine in Fragile Colombian Wetlands


  3. 400 residents occupy military base in Colombia's troubled Cauca department


  4. The Divided Guajira

    of San Juan and the new multimode port Brisas in Dibulla, which they have started to plan. It is a new (...)

  5. Complaint filed against World Bank Group for Funding Eco Oro Minerals Gold Mine in Fragile Colombian Wetlands


  6. Colombians Refuse Canadian Mine Farmers' stance against extractive project ignored in Ottawa


  7. VIDEO: Embera indigenous people say 'no' to the mining industry


  8. Canadian Human Rights Report on Colombia a ‘Sick Joke’

    on a controversial new mining law. This report is a sick joke and an abrogation of the Canadian government’s (...)

  9. Profiting from Repression: Canadian Investment in and Trade with Colombia

    presented in bold type in this report is new information; that presented in normal type is from the 2006 edition of the report which is still relevant. About 80% of the information is new. Published by Canadian (...)

  10. Colombia is Canada's new best friend

    that are ramping up exploration and production; and the government of Stephen Harper, for whom a new trade deal ... to Harper’s push to make Colombia Canada’s new best friend, Parliament insisted the government produce annual ... in Bogota, which is housed in the new Scotiabank Tower, they encountered a security check involving no less (...)