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  1. No more weak solutions for the cancer that attacks the prison and penitentiary system in Colombia.

    of the new quotas, and the reform of the law 65/93. Today, we call for urgent and deep solutions. NATIONAL (...)

  2. USO legal action frees three members detained as a result of persecution by the multinational Pacific Rubiales


  3. U.S. Congress shines a light on persecution of USO


  4. Continuous surge of arrests of syndicate leaders in Colombia

    applying the dark "Citizen Security Statute" that opens the way to a new stage of prosecution ... of the CUT and of Fensuagro. The risk of new arrests has been announced to the directors of USO, another (...)


    at all costs, our union organizing in the new oil fields in the Department of Meta, the country’s highest oil producing region. This is a new attack by the government against trade unionism that proves ... criminalizes social mobilization, as well as the reason for a new bill (091/ 2013) advanced by Minister (...)

  6. Red Cross Report: people deprived of their liberty in Colombian state detention facilities

    the planning and construction of new detention facilities and the maintenance of prison systems and services. (...)

  7. Press release: solidarity with nearly 9000 Colombian political prisoners, International meeting for peace and towards a political solution of the conflict in Colombia, Switzerland, March 2012


  8. Judge orders freedom for Liliany Obando


  9. Colombia's Prisons- Bastions of Inequality and Injustice

    Español The media announced a new corruption scandal in the “Picota” National Prison last week, ... the building of new prisons- far from solving the prison problem only worsen it. Examples of this have been the ERONs (the new high security National Prison Establishments), a prison system based on the guidelines (...)

  10. After FTA passage, unions turn to political prisoners & peace