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  1. 98% of Cajamarca Residents Vote Against Gold Mining in Colombia


  2. Mayors in Cundinamarca won’t allow mineral exploitations in páramos


  3. The fight continues for the protection of the Sumapaz páramo


  4. Government not doing enough on violence near Canadian-owned mines: Report

    T he report, by the Justice and Corporate Accountability Project, documents 15 years of violence and death that happened near Canadian mines in Latin America. A new report that documents 15 years ... Harvard study. Imai said the data in the new report raises questions about the correlation between violent (...)

  5. Mobilisations against multinationals and mining operations the province of Sugamuxi

    by the territory exploitation are not new in the region and are part of a national fight for the environment ... Galán Zorro), to propose a new mineral-energetic ley that would allow a new social and economic (...)

  6. Minga of Resistence Conejo River


  7. A caravan in defense of life and territory: Impunity still on its pedestal

    system.  Since 2011, a new national security law (law 1453) was created and essentially facilitates (...)

  8. Pacific Rubiales: once again where it shouldn’t be…


  9. Crude Gold;storys of injustice in Colombia


  10. watch the documentary "Mining Orgy"