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  1. Anything is possible: The dream of Colombia’s “Paro Nacional”

    of protection for the non-armed, self-governed communities. The first lines are in some ways a new type of urban ... the ones targeted by these new taxes while the economic and politic oligarchy was spared. Then, 8 weeks (...)

  2. David and Goliath: the struggle in Pio XII

    Español Français The veredas (administrative districts) of Pio XII and Orotoy de Guamal, in the Meta department of Colombia, have been campaigning since February to prevent Ecopetrol from operating an exploratory well on the “La Porfía” property. The orga (...)

  3. Solidarity with prison strike from colombian prison's

    hug, and soon we will be together building a new Colombia. Fraternally, Political Prisoners of War (...)

  4. Colombia: Security forces must refrain from excessive use of force during rural protests

    Français Español AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT 6 juin 2016 The Colombian authorities must ensure that the security forces, in particular the ESMAD anti-riot police, refrain from using disproportionate and excessive force against demonstrators, Am (...)

  5. Invisible Families


  6. A caravan in defense of life and territory: Impunity still on its pedestal

    system.  Since 2011, a new national security law (law 1453) was created and essentially facilitates (...)

  7. Declaration of the 13 detainees for internationalists comrades and the Colombian diaspora.


  8. A letter from Paola A. Salgado Piedrahíta, Lorena Romo Muñoz and Liseth Acosta Friends from el Congreso de los Pueblo, detained by the Colombian Regime Bogotá


  9. Why the US Government is pushing for the liberation of “Simón Trinidad” of the FARC-EP

    The lawyer of “Simón Trinidad,” the chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia –FARC- currently imprisoned in the United States, announced that the negotiations for the liberation of his defendant have advanced to “high-level talks” between the C (...)

  10. After 75 days of detention, the comrades of USO released