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  1. CCFTA continues

    Unfortunately, on Monday 19th April, Liberals sided in one bloc with the Conservatives and voted in favor of the C-2 draft law on the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Colombia (CCFTA). Therefore, the draft went through the sta (...)

  2. Curbaradó- Suplantación de representante legal en Curvaradó pretende legalizar el despojo paramiltar empresarial

    Avanza la fase de legalización y legitimación del despojo violento con la simulación de la restitución de la propiedad Ministro del Interior FABIO VALENCIA COSSIO reconoce como representante Legal de la Cuenca del Curvaradó a afrodescendiente MARMOLEJO, i (...)

  3. Video: Poursuite contre le DAS pour espionnage illégal devant la justice belge


  4. Video: lawsuit at the Belgian Courthouse to start a criminal investigation against the DAS


  5. La Locomotora para Pocos


  6. A todas las comunidades afectadas por las actividades mineras de Canadá:


  7. To all communities affected by Canadian mining operations:

    on it despite claiming to support itsaims. We are also very disappointed that several New Democratic Party ... New Guinea, and Guatemala, to name a few. Based on the work of the UN Special Representative (...)

  8. À toutes les communautés affectées par les opérations minières canadiennes:


  9. Minería: Locomotora para unos pocos


  10. A Canadian Company Is Destroying the Environment and the Water In Colombia

    new methods can be subjected to rigorous peer review and shown to remedy these problems. Regulators (...)