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  1. Palm Growers and Paramilitaries in Uraba

    African palm plantation companies are playing a growing role in helping paramilitaries consolidate their control of the Uraba region of Choco and Antioquia in Colombia. Indigenous, Afro-Colombian, and peace communities have long stood in the way of corpor (...)

  2. The Humanitarian Zones


  3. Paramilitarism A Criminal Policy of the State Which Devours the Country


  4. Corrupted Justice and the Schizophrenic State in Colombia


  5. Further Reading


  6. The slip-ups of the Forestry Bill in Colombia

    The slip-ups of the Forestry Bill in Colombia Perhaps no other Bill in Colombia on environmental matters has given rise to such diverse opinions and to such commotion as the discussion in the Colombian Congress of the General Forestry Law adopted by this (...)