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  1. An introduction to Canadian Investments and the conflict in Colombia


  2. ‘Jaguar people’s’ urgent appeal to oil company’s shareholders

    When it was time, we would abandon those gardens to the forest and make new ones in another place. (...)

  3. ELN exige títulos mineros para liberar a canadiense


  4. L’appel urgent du ‘peuple du jaguar’ aux actionnaires d’une compagnie pétrolière


  5. El Aniquilatorio Enclave Colonial. El Caso Pacific Rubiales en Colombia

    Publicitarias Para Paralizar Periodistas. El Tiempo. Noviembre 3 de 2012. ... Noviembre 3 de 2012. (...)

  6. Pacific Rubiales: Corporate Social Responsibility?

    and a new football team in Villavicencio, Llanero Football Club. However these 'voluntary' ... their good image. At this point a new initiative enters the scene: Corporate Social Responsibility. Three (...)

  7. The Profiteer's Bulletin- March 2013

    on 9 February after their union signed a new collective agreement that provides improved working conditions. (...)

  8. Talisman Energy, Enbridge, and the OCENSA pipeline in Centro Oriente province

    In 2012, Enbridge planned to extend the OCENSA pipeline and to begin work on new oil pipeline to send ... investors to set up a new military battalion to protect foreign companies engaged in resource exploration. (...)

  9. Bulletin Profiteurs- Mars 2013


  10. SNC-Lavalin en Arauca, toujours là où il ne faut pas