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  1. No more first come, first served for granting mining concessions in Colombia

    Español Colombia’s President, Juan Manuel Santos, announced yesterday that the country will be issuing a new mining code to boost the industry and reinforce control of illegal mining, reports local ... 5Mha, so the new mining zones are equivalent to 60% of what is currently assigned for mining (...)

  2. It is about the money


  3. Federal mining agency can't find work


  4. Defending Land and Life in Marmato: A Call for International Solidarity

    to navigate through complex and scary new realities with very little knowledge or legal guidance. Violence (...)

  5. Small-farm families in northern Nariño stand to lose their land to mining companies

    the surface. Then the land began to acquire a new use, causing great uncertainty and conflict as residents were ... 500–700 meters below the surface, was initially placed here. But then new drilling sites were set up ... Development Agency (CIDA) and the World Bank.   The new version of the law gives foreign companies the same (...)

  6. The back story to the CIDA-mining partnership

    This is not a genuine innovation, as a beleaguered CIDA claims, but a new perversion of the old discredited tied aid (...)

  7. Humans Rights NGO Reports Civilians Hurt in Heavy Fighting


  8. In the Path of the Mining-Energy Locomotive – Resisting Colombia’s Quimbo Hydroelectric Project


  9. Colombia's Prisons- Bastions of Inequality and Injustice

    Español The media announced a new corruption scandal in the “Picota” National Prison last week, ... the building of new prisons- far from solving the prison problem only worsen it. Examples of this have been the ERONs (the new high security National Prison Establishments), a prison system based on the guidelines (...)

  10. Police break up strike at La Caypa mine, property of the Canadian Pacific Coal