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  1. Urgent situation happening at Canadian-owned Gran Tierra oil field in Putumayo, Colombia

    finished its 2021 development drilling campaign of 3 new oil wells, prior to any impact from the national (...)

  2. Cali: From detention sites to mass graves and chop-up houses

    that the bodies of many young residents of Cali have been taken. Just days ago, a new and more specific source (...)

  3. The Colombian state rewards those who ransack public services and cause social breakage

    Français Español ALBERTO CARRASQUILLA was Minister of Finance under President Uribe (2003-2007) and under President Ivan Duque from 2018 to May 2021. This former finance minister privatized the water supply service, draining funds from already poor munici (...)

  4. Indigenous people in the department of Caldas continue in Minga participating in the Colombian National Strike Listen to Informativo Nuestras Voces (Spanish)- Entérese de lo que sucede en la Movilización (...)

  5. Wave of arrests in ongoing persecution of the Congreso de los Pueblos’ national leaders in Colombia

    Français Español We, the Congreso de los Pueblos — a Colombian social movement seeking to build popular power and dignity in life — are suffering a new wave of arbitrary detentions of our leaders. In less than twelve hours, three comrades and social leaders have been unjustly arrested across different (...)

  6. La Piedra- Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia- November 2020

    of Colombia during the Strike?   In July 2015, the Ottawa Citizen reported: “New questions are being raised (...)

  7. Colombia: between genocide and resistance

    the communities of the neighbourhoods turned to artistic actions to give a new meaning to the police stations ...  Références: 1 (...)

  8. Humanitarian camp for life set up in response to the humanitarian crisis in Colombia

    for Life" they call on the new leader of the International Red Cross in Colombia, Mulan Giovannini, to hold (...)

  9. La Piedra- Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia- April 2020

    Français We encourage you to invite your allies and subscribe to this email list to receive this bulletin, news from our activities and “urgent action” when injustices occur in Colombia that are attributable to the actions of Canadian companies. To subscr (...)

  10. Call to international community on prison's situation in Colombia

    Français Español In the framework of the emergency measures resulting from the virus that causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Sars-Cov 2 (COVID-19), on March 21, a day of protest was held on March 21, 2020 from 9:00 p.m, in many of Colombia´s prison (...)