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  1. Canada-Colombia FTA removed from legislative agenda Mingas-FTA: ONG internationales Profiteurs canadiens de la guerre (...)


  3. Anything is possible: The dream of Colombia’s “Paro Nacional”

    of protection for the non-armed, self-governed communities. The first lines are in some ways a new type of urban ... the ones targeted by these new taxes while the economic and politic oligarchy was spared. Then, 8 weeks (...)

  4. Arrest of a Peoples' Congress activist Erika Prieto

    Français Today Erika Prieto presented herself to the Prosecutor office in Bogota to face charges hold against her in one of the judicial frame up against activist of the People's Congress caused by political interference in the judicial system. Judic (...)

  5. La Piedra- Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia- October 2021

    not to confide in new arrivals.    Killing of social leaders and human rights defenders continues unabated ...   The practices described in the new report Cali: In the epicentre of repression – which include the use of lethal (...)

  6. A half-century of struggle to defend the land in Arauca department

    where daily experience of a “red zone” in the armed conflict teaches people not to confide in new (...)

  7. Anglo Gold and its Colombian Quebradona project The upstream dam construction design is the most common type of tailings dam because ... safety-first-new-reportoutlines-guidelines-to-end-mine-waste-disasters/    Quebradona will be a third of the value of Anglo Gold  The Quebradona project is a high-value ... The new CEO of Anglo Gold is Alberto Calderon, a Colombian who is not a mining engineer. He has never (...)

  8. 18 arrest in Valle del Cauca

    Español Français State violence against the National Strike continues The individuals, entities, and social, popular and community organizations signing this public release reject the systematic aggressions against the population that have protested peace (...)

  9. La Piedra- Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia- June 2021

    Français We encourage you to invite your allies and subscribe to this email list to receive this bulletin, news from our activities and “urgent action” when injustices occur in Colombia that are attributable to the actions of Canadian companies. To subscr (...)

  10. Statement National Popular Assembly

    Français In Bosa, the ancestral territory of the Muisca peoples, the National Popular Assembly was held with the participation of more than 2,000 in-person and virtual delegates from different regions of the country, in an autonomous and self-organized ex (...)