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  1. The Profiteers Bulletin- June 2013

    economic philosophy, according to a new book on the subject.  Colombia is at the forefront of external (...)

  2. PASC Letter in The Gazette: The social costs of doing business in Colombia


  3. VIDEO: Canadian multinational Pacific Rubiales Energy on trial, PASC invites you to the People's Tribunal in Colombia

    Français This summer PASC and members of the Red de Hermandad y Solidaridad con Colombia (Redher- Colombia Friendship and Solidarity Network) will be organizing a Popular Tribunal against Colombia's extractive industry policies. The Tribunal is a cha (...)

  4. Toronto May 30, 2013: Activists question Pacific Rubiales in front of its shareholders


  5. USO Files Suit Against Pacific Rubiales For violations of the right to freedom of association


  6. ***Call Out: Activists and Independent Media*** International Mobilisation in Colombia Against Foreign Extractive Companies

    Learn more:   PASC PASC Crime d'entreprise Profiteurs canadiens (...)

  7. Mining for Profits in International Tribunals- Updated

    and relatively new weapon – the right to sue governments in international arbitration tribunals granted under ... negotiated among 11 countries:  Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, (...)

  8. An introduction to Canadian Investments and the conflict in Colombia

    Humanos en Colombia, SIADDHH, Programa Somos Defensores, Bogotá, 2013. 2. (...)

  9. ‘Jaguar people’s’ urgent appeal to oil company’s shareholders

    When it was time, we would abandon those gardens to the forest and make new ones in another place. (...)

  10. Pacific Rubiales: Corporate Social Responsibility?

    and a new football team in Villavicencio, Llanero Football Club. However these 'voluntary' ... their good image. At this point a new initiative enters the scene: Corporate Social Responsibility. Three (...)