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  2. Attacks against Native peoples

    Français Español On Thursday, October 17, the RCMP attacked a barricade set up by the Elsipogtog nation in New Brunswick. Since September 29, the participants had been blocking access to vehicles belonging to the company South Western Energy Resources (SNW, Texas), which has been carrying out (...)

  3. Los noticieros no lo presentan todo: Ataques contra los pueblos indígenas


  4. Attaques contre les peuples autochtones


  5. Report: Hearing on the Canadian oil company Pacific Rubiales Energy

    Chávez out of power, these executives were fired from the company. More recently, the new management ... announcing that it had negotiated a new agreement with a company union, Unión de Trabajadores de la Industria ... members mobilized again in September, leading to a new agreement on September 20, 2011. 28 On October 6, (...)

  6. Is this how the system works? Canadian government looks away as Pacific Rubiales faces accusations in Colombia


  7. Sociedad de mal gusto: El “Pan American Food Festival” del Harbourfront se asocia con el violador de derechos Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp.


  8. A Partnership in Bad Taste: Harbourfront's Pan American Food Festival Partners with Rights Violator Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp.


  9. Bulletin Profiteurs- Septembre 2013

    Ce Bulletin comprend une version électronique mais également une version PDF (...)

  10. On How CIDA re-wrote Colombia’s Mining Code and UBC’s CIDA-funded Mining Institute

    International Development Agency,  better known as CIDA, granted funding for the new Institute at UBC. ... and they were tasked with drafting a new mining code for Colombia. What pro-what this resulted in was Law 685 ... in the country. Now, critics of this new code say that either by design or by default, the code benefited (...)