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  1. Red Cross Report: people deprived of their liberty in Colombian state detention facilities

    the planning and construction of new detention facilities and the maintenance of prison systems and services. (...)

  2. Press release: solidarity with nearly 9000 Colombian political prisoners, International meeting for peace and towards a political solution of the conflict in Colombia, Switzerland, March 2012


  3. Judge orders freedom for Liliany Obando


  4. Colombia's Prisons- Bastions of Inequality and Injustice

    Español The media announced a new corruption scandal in the “Picota” National Prison last week, ... the building of new prisons- far from solving the prison problem only worsen it. Examples of this have been the ERONs (the new high security National Prison Establishments), a prison system based on the guidelines (...)

  5. After FTA passage, unions turn to political prisoners & peace