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  1. Canadian Unions condemn murder of Colombia oil union leader

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  2. Anglo-French oil company Perenco funded paramilitary organization


  3. Regional Strike Paralyzes Hydroelectric Project in Colombia Polinizaciones and ASOQUIMBO Organisations colombiennes Mégaprojets de développement (...)

  4. National government betrayed colombian miners: Talks broken regarding formalization of mining


  5. The residents of Marmato detain open-pit mining in their territory, impede the resettlement of their municipal centre and prohibit the demolition of local heritage


  6. Mesoamerica Project: Obama’s Message to the Latin American Governments


  7. World Human Rights Report 2012: Colombia

    to the National Labor School (ENS), Colombia’s leading NGO monitoring labor rights. Threats against trade ... trade unionist killings reported by the ENS since 1986. As of June 2011 the Attorney General’s Office’s ... attempts, 1,500 threats, and 420 forced displacements reported by the ENS during this period. Internal (...)