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  1. Canadian Organizations Request for information following the assassination of a USO member in Puerto Gaitan


  2. Interview with Marylen Serna of the Peoples’ Congress

    appears to be experiencing a new wave of social mobilization these the last few years. You are part (...)

  3. HUMAN rights activists visited Scotland last week...


  4. Urgent Action: Stop river diversion and support communities around Cerrejon mine in Colombia

    stalled and that the promised construction of a new community has still not begun. This situation ... be fulfilled and that a new village be built without delay. I also support the demands of those communities (...)

  5. Thousands march against La Colosa Gold Mine in Ibagué


  6. Marketing Consent: Public relations underside of Canada's mining sector


  7. Lands and Conflict: Extractive Industries in Colombia


  8. Colombia's Mining Boom

    a bottleneck, Bogota has since dismissed some 20,000 other permit applications. Regardless, NGOs say new permits ... advisory group in Washington. "Then you put the FARC in the mix and you take everything to a new ... much harder to grow coca because of eradication, so what are my options?" one miner told The New (...)

  9. Neo-paramilitaries promise “social cleansing” in Colombia’s southwest


  10. In Cauca Province of Colombia, Indigenous People Fight Back Against Government and FARC

    President Juan Manuel Santos announced the arrival of 28,000 troops Tuesday in Colombia's southwestern Cauca department, where a recent surge in violence has forced thousands from their homes. The new ... visited the town to announce a new security strategy aimed at tackling FARC activity in Cauca. Police (...)