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  1. Gender and the role of women in Colombia’s peace process

    prostitution, forced abortions, and enslavement. Moreover, as survivors, women often assume new roles. ... justice, and education. In their new locations, displaced women are exposed to further risk of sexual ... policies and strategies, however, can provide opportunities for creating new models of masculinity (...)

  2. 98% of Cajamarca Residents Vote Against Gold Mining in Colombia


  3. Opposition to wave of detentions in South Bolivar


  4. Groundbreaking win for indigenous people in Colombia


  5. Solidarity City Declaration


  6. Mayors in Cundinamarca won’t allow mineral exploitations in páramos


  7. The plan to Gaza-ify the Colombian Peace Process

    of the text of the peace accords could only be justified if the new accords would bring in an armed actor ... in recent weeks, a new wave of assassinations of Indigenous, peasant, and Afro-Colombian leaders has been ... conflict. Fifth, before ratifying the new peace accord, the national government ratified a law that seeks (...)

  8. La Piedra- Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia- December 2016

    between them. The “new final accord” comes after marathon negotiations in Havana and just weeks after (...)

  9. Colombian Mayors Granted Right of Veto Over Oil and Mining Projects

    surrounding the decision to grant exploitation rights in protected natural reserves. According to this new ... go ahead. (This new rule may even put an end to projects that are already underway). Until now, (...)

  10. We Stand With Standing Rock

    River. Even if this route has been eliminated, a new route will certainly be considered: the U.S. Army (...)