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  1. The People’s Congress denounces the Tumaco massacre and calls to mobilisation

    Español The Colombian government in its anti-drugs policy implements in rural zones forced and militarized eradication of the illicit-use crops, a policy which has contributed to the violation of human rights of the peasant communities that demand a polic (...)

  2. La Piedra- Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia- October 2017

    Français Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia. Project Accompaniment Solidarity Colombia October 2017. To receive this bulletin by email click here.         *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Information and analysis bulletin on extract (...)

  3. Why is the south of Bogota on Strike?

    Administrative Unit of Public Services- opened up a new bidding process for the management model of solid ... e integrante de la Dirección Política en Bogotá de Poder y Unidad Popular. 26/09/2017 Lanzas y Letras (...)

  4. David and Goliath: the struggle in Pio XII

    Español Français The veredas (administrative districts) of Pio XII and Orotoy de Guamal, in the Meta department of Colombia, have been campaigning since February to prevent Ecopetrol from operating an exploratory well on the “La Porfía” property. The orga (...)

  5. Youth opposed to mining shot at in Tolima

    Español COSAJUCA informs the public opinion that the 28th of July at 7:30pm close to the hamlet of Cajamarca, exactly on the road to the Rincón Placer and Ciudadela Ismael Perdomo, two members of COSAJUCA were victims of an outrage with firearm. Fortunate (...)

  6. Caravan for the Defense of the Land, AUGUST 12th to 20th IN COLOMBIA

    Français AUGUST 12th to 20th IN COLOMBIA We invite every solidary individual to accompany us during this summer's Caravan for the Defense of the Land. This year's caravan will take place in the east of Antioquia, a region particularly affected b (...)

  7. The Civic Strike in Buenaventura had reached an agreement

    Français The Civic Strike in Buenaventura had reached an agreement with the national government and the strike has been suspended. This is a major and historical moment not only for the people in Buenaventura but for the Black movement and people in Colom (...)

  8. Documental: Casanare Petróleo y Terror

    egregious models of their extractive economics. In his new film, Colombian journalist, documentarian, (...)

  9. Common Ground of Indigenous Struggles in Colombia and Canada

    Français There are striking parallels between Indigenous Peoples in Canada and Colombia. This is a hemisphere where efforts have been made since contact to eliminate Indigenous Peoples through policies of physical and cultural genocide. While there are cl (...)


    January to March 2017 PBI’s quarterly human rights update calls attention to critical security situations affecting the persons, organisations and communities, accompanied by Peace Brigades International (PBI), whose work in the defence of human rights re (...)