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  1. Deprivations in Colombian Prisons

    Español HIGH SECURITY PRISON; COMBITA, BOYACA, COLOMBIA; MAY 2010 In the country, due to the merciless and unordered attack of the government of the security forces against working class sectors and the opposition, and also due to the social and armed con (...)

  2. The Canadian mineable pattern: institutionalized plundering and impunity


  3. Government published death threat manuals

    PASC Criminalisation (...)

  4. The victims of violence in Colombia are asking the Canadian Parliament not to ratify the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Colombia

    Français Bogotá, April 12, 2010 Honourable PARLIAMENT OF CANADA Subject: Refuse to ratify the Colombia-Canada Free Trade Agreement Honourable Member of Parliament The National Movement of Victims of the State (MOVICE) is a coalition of about 300 organizat (...)

  5. Conservatives revive Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement


  6. CCFTA is back

    displacement from communal lands. The National Labour School (ENS) of Colombia has also accounted (...)

  7. Paramilitaries’ Heirs: The New Face of Violence in Colombia


  8. News from Yuri Neira

    “They are working in search of impunity to protect police who have committed murders”: Yuri Neira This is how a father referred to the case of his son who was murdered during a protest, which has subsequently led to four attempts on the father’s life. The (...)

  9. Letter from US organizations about Choco

    We, the undersigned U.S. religious and non-governmental organizations who work on Colombia, are writing to ask that you intervene in the human rights situation in the Bajo Atrato River region of the Chocó. On January 13, Argénito Díaz community leader fro (...)

  10. Oil-palm plantations, violation of human rights and Afro-descendent communities’ quest for true dignity