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  1. Request for intervention on the law of victims and the right to peace


  2. Teacher Trade Unionist and oponent to the Canadian company Quedada Assassinated


  3. La Colosa: the quest for El Dorado in Cajamarca, Colombia


  4. Canadian Greystar Resource Ltd in Colombia "Gold or Water?"


  5. Canadian Greystar: Water Inspires Strange Bedfellows


  6. Páramos free of large-scale mining: an obligation of the Colombian authorities

    This statement from the Colombian Network Against Large Scale Transnational Mining, RECLAME, follows Greystar Resources's decision to withdraw its request for an environmental permit for its Angostura project in the Colombian páramos of Santurbán. (...)

  7. VIDEO: Afrocolombians communities: Returning to our lands

    Español The Chocó has some of the richest land in Colombia. There is an abundance of water, minerals, and biodiversity. This has also meant significant potential for agricultural businesses. Since 1996, three thousand Afro-descendents and mixed race perso (...)

  8. Lessons from Santurbán: Canadian mining company Greystar's project in Santander

    Español Français Social mobilization and a growing awareness of the environmental effects of Greystar’s proposed mine in Santurbán--including the contamination of water that supplies some of the inhabitants of Santander and feeds the Lebrija, Pamplonita a (...)

  9. Palm empire- state crimes in Colombia

    Français A collective documentary made in Choco in 2004 by PASC members. Palm empire- state crimes in Colombia PASC PASC Agrocarburants Chocó (...)

  10. Video: lawsuit at the Belgian Courthouse to start a criminal investigation against the DAS