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  1. Colombian social movements converge in Bogotá to build common struggles

    with this new government and the great challenges it poses to us. For the regions and the defense of our ... and with this new government.” Jimmy Moreno, a national spokesperson of Congreso de los Pueblos, the People’s (...)

  2. Students in Colombia continue their strike for public education

    Français Students in Colombia continue their strike for public education Negotiations between the national government and the student movement were suspended after the former refused to negotiate on granting more financial resources in 2018. The students (...)

  3. We Cannot Fail in Our Search for Dignified Life: Julian Andres Gil

    close to the construction of new realities that ensure dignified lives. That’s why from the time ... to all fellow organizations and to all the people, who with great dignity, work to forge a new dawn. ... (#EnElBarrioNosVemos)   Colombia Julian Andres Gil Reyes People's Congress translated by The Dawn News/ June 27, (...)

  4. We demand that the authorities, especially the Office of the Attorney General, guarantee the constitutional and legal process

    Español Français The National Human Rights Commission of the People’s Congress, denounces to the citizens of Colombia, the authorities of control and protection of human rights, the social organizations and the national and international community, the de (...)

  5. Colombia Universal Periodic Review (UPR) May 2018

    sumitted reports: ANNEX1: (...)

  6. Persecution of social movement leaders: we continue to blaze the trail of peace in Colombia and across the continent

    Cauca were arrested as part of ongoing attempts to criminalize protest and social mobilization. This new ... possibility of a new U.S. military base at Manta, it clearly signals the geopolitical leanings of the Moreno ... “Antonio Esteban” Asociación Canadiense por el Derecho y la Verdad (EN VERO) Frente Mexiquense en Defensa (...)

  7. Peasants of Arauca: “We are eradicating coca for the defence of life”

    Cultivation Survey 2007 ( [3] Las fumigaciones (...)

  8. La Piedra- Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia- April 2018

    extraction. PASC Bulletin Profiteurs piedra_april2018_en.pdf (...)

  9. Targeting of activists continues in Colombia

    Two murders over the Easter weekend highlight the danger human rights defenders are in despite the ongoing peace process Fotos of forcibly disappeared people in Colombia By Zoe PC / The Dawn News / April 4 Peasants, Afro-Colombians, indigenous people, wom (...)

  10. Cromatografia as a tool to fight for food sovereignty

    Français   Impregnation of a soil croma performed in a Cali artisanal laboratory, April 2, 2018. The result shows a strong presence of organic material and minerals, however, not available due to soil compaction. In other words, the nutrients that make up (...)