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  1. Foreign Firms Cash in on Generous Mining Code

    at the University of Calgary, to rewrite Colombia's mining code. Once the new code had been drafted by CERI, ... Colombian politicians, including the Senator Gustavo Petro. The new mining and energy legislation, completed ... activism. "The new code flexibilised environmental regulations, diminished labour guarantees (...)

  2. Destruction of Colombian Rainforests to Feed Automobiles

    and the promoters of these companies now have new reasons to continue growing. But plantation stories are painful. (...)

  3. Violence continues against afro-colombian communities

    But the assault and threats to Janio’s life was nothing new for the communities of Afro-descendants, indigenous ... that would later be harvested for mass production of palm oil for the world market. When new waves ... by a common history, mestizo, indigenous and Afro-Colombians organized their new Humanitarian Zones (...)

  4. Montage Against the Colombian University Students Association

    This situation of harassment and persecution to the ACEU is not new and especially in the University of the Cauca (...)

  5. Humanitarian Crisis in Ciudad Bolivar


  6. 10 Years after Operation Genesis: Ecological walk

    Français from ashes to hope, from death to life. 15th – 23rd February, 2007 10 years of destruction 10 years working towards dignity 10 years pursuing the dignity of the self and the future of humanity CONVOCAN- YOU ARE INVITED BY- CONVOQUENT- CONVOCA: As (...)

  7. Newsletter 2007

    us and set to open in May 2007. We will keep you informed of this can’t-be- missed event! A new photo (...)

  8. Digging Up Canadian Dirt in Colombia

    government by foreign companies extracting non-renewable resources. After reviewing the new code ... The new code also increased the length of mining concessions from 25 years to thirty years, ... could do more than increase stock dividends. In 2001, the final year of new code’s development (...)

  9. BP's Colombian pipeline subsidiaries have driven peasants off their land

    built. There has been some works and new growth, but not to the original state. However this superficial ... all their payments. A few new water sources were engineered, but these were inadequate and did ... frightened by the vile phone calls I was receiving," she says. "I'd only been in the new place (...)

  10. Canadian company Enbridge Spreads Disaster in Colombia

    references its new human rights policy; and like Enbridge, annual signoff of this Code is a condition ... According to Real Assets, "The OCENSA consortium...has promulgated a new policy that commits ... ensuring that OCENSA employees and security providers abide by the new rules. For example, OCENSA (...)