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  1. The Ultimate Dream of a Multinational: To Have an Army at its Service

    The fact that communities around the world protest oil exploitation for the damages it produces is nothing new. But through a grotesque misuse of power, the multinational corporation Emerald Energy has successfully dictated the overruling of a Security Council decision that led to the re-incarceration of several (...)

  2. Criminalization of opinion and of humanitarian work for Peace.

    Español The Ethics Commission for Truth in Colombia We members of the Ethical Truth Commission, who accompany the Movement of Victims of State Crimes, question and object to the decision made by the Inspector General of Colombia, Alejandro Ordoñez regardi (...)

  3. Angela Davis in Colombia: Afro struggles and prison industrial complex


  4. Canadian Companies Out For Colombian Oil

    International Petroleum Corporation (IPC)—then a subsidiary of Standard Oil of New Jersey—owned Tropical Oil ... Tropical, even though they shared a parent company. These shenanigans earned Andian National a new concession, and the company established its new head office in Canada until the 1970s. A new free trade (...)

  5. Le second débarquement: Multinationales espagnoles en Amérique Latine


  6. Protests against Gran Tierra Resources met with repression as Parliament prepares to sign Free Trade Agreement


  7. Deprivations in Colombian Prisons

    of decomposition, and with our social vision of a new state, we have created spaces for study and coexistence which ... rebels and to continue with our heads high defending our convictions and principles, constructing a new (...)

  8. The victims of violence in Colombia are asking the Canadian Parliament not to ratify the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Colombia

    these public forces: big landowners, national and international capital, drug traffickers and a new political ... confessed their crimes or have refused to join the new generation of paramilitaries has allowed the murder ... the "new" paramilitary groups were able to reconstitute as a force of about 11 000 armed members.- (...)

  9. Conservatives revive Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement


  10. CCFTA is back

    passed. They have a perfect chance now to slow down, especially in light of new accounts of human ... displacement from communal lands. The National Labour School (ENS) of Colombia has also accounted (...)