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  1. Teacher Trade Unionist and oponent to the Canadian company Quedada Assassinated


  2. La Colosa: the quest for El Dorado in Cajamarca, Colombia


  3. Canadian Greystar Resource Ltd in Colombia "Gold or Water?"

    region of the Colombian state Santander. But Greystar has not given up and is now fighting back with new mining plans and a brand new management. In late March, Greystar withdrew its permit application ... ecstatic. But they may have been celebrating too early. In April, Greystar's shareholders installed new (...)

  4. Canadian Greystar: Water Inspires Strange Bedfellows

    that application to bring in a new one for a redesigned, underground mine. The short-lived but significant victory ... their anti-mining campaign through water’s unifying lens. The coalition started growing and taking a new shape when (...)

  5. Páramos free of large-scale mining: an obligation of the Colombian authorities

    This statement from the Colombian Network Against Large Scale Transnational Mining, RECLAME, follows Greystar Resources's decision to withdraw its request for an environmental permit for its Angostura project in the Colombian páramos of Santurbán. (...)

  6. Lessons from Santurbán: Canadian mining company Greystar's project in Santander

    This clearly demonstrates the possibility of new forms of resistance and social expression in the country. (...)

  7. Video: lawsuit at the Belgian Courthouse to start a criminal investigation against the DAS


  8. To all communities affected by Canadian mining operations:

    on it despite claiming to support itsaims. We are also very disappointed that several New Democratic Party ... New Guinea, and Guatemala, to name a few. Based on the work of the UN Special Representative (...)

  9. A Canadian Company Is Destroying the Environment and the Water In Colombia

    new methods can be subjected to rigorous peer review and shown to remedy these problems. Regulators (...)

  10. Failure to control Canadian mining firms condemned

    New Gold Inc. The letter has also been sent to other affected international communities through (...)