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  1. Oil Palms, Right Abuses Hand in Hand in Northwest

    under a new name: "Águilas Negras" (Black Eagles). Behind their threats and operations (...)

  2. Oil palm grows by the force of violence

    that some of the new plantations being developed have been financed as farming projects for the same ... to the new plantations developed since the beginning of the decade. In previous processes ... for Economic and Social Policy (CONPES) announced new policies increasing Government support to the expansion (...)

  3. la violence fait croître le palmier à huile


  4. Les agrocarburants au Canada


  5. Les entreprises tirent profit des conflits


  6. Colombia: Destrucción de la selva tropical y asesinatos para alimentar automóviles

    Français El Gobierno colombiano se está embarcando en la expansión masiva de plantaciones de palma de aceite, de caña de azúcar y de otros monocultivos para producir agrocombustibles y otros productos, a costa de las selvas tropicales, de otros ecosistema (...)

  7. Lettre ouverte pour débattre des agrocarburants


  8. Destruction of Colombian Rainforests to Feed Automobiles

    and the promoters of these companies now have new reasons to continue growing. But plantation stories are painful. (...)

  9. Violence continues against afro-colombian communities

    But the assault and threats to Janio’s life was nothing new for the communities of Afro-descendants, indigenous ... that would later be harvested for mass production of palm oil for the world market. When new waves ... by a common history, mestizo, indigenous and Afro-Colombians organized their new Humanitarian Zones (...)

  10. De la Siega de la palma a la Siembra

    DeVer 386 12 días, en medio de amenazas de operaciones de las “Aguilas Negras”, en medio de amenazas de muerte a los afrocolombianos y a los gringos, en medio de la intensificación de las actuaciones empresariales con la extracción del fruto los afrocolom (...)