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  1. Colombia- Antiterrorism and Human Rights: 10 years of non-compability?

    starting with the United States and the United Kingdom immediately reacted to the attacks in New York (...)

  2. Request for intervention on the law of victims and the right to peace

    territories claimed by the new phase of the paramilitarism within the Plan of Mejor Esquina de las Americas, ... of these strategic resources are part of the new government policies known as "the engines of development", (...)

  3. Video: lawsuit at the Belgian Courthouse to start a criminal investigation against the DAS


  4. Criminalization of opinion and of humanitarian work for Peace.

    Español The Ethics Commission for Truth in Colombia We members of the Ethical Truth Commission, who accompany the Movement of Victims of State Crimes, question and object to the decision made by the Inspector General of Colombia, Alejandro Ordoñez regardi (...)

  5. Montage Against the Colombian University Students Association

    This situation of harassment and persecution to the ACEU is not new and especially in the University of the Cauca (...)