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  1. An agrarian leader from Arauca arrested


  2. Imminent Displacement of Farmers due to OXY Oil Company's pressures

    the police and the army have already settled back since 16 month.  A new fact that came disturbing (...)

  3. Joint Letter: Public denunciation of the forced disappearance and assassination of Carlos Alberto Pedraza Salcedo


  4. USO members fired on after threats issued


  5. The Profiteers Bulletin- January 2015

    Français *|MC:SUBJECT|* Our comrade Carlos Alberto Pedraza Salcedo was assassinated We never want to have to redact  press release or letters for comarades with whome we share our dreams and hopes... With sadness and rage we announce the death of  Carlos (...)

  6. Despite peace negotiations, Canada sells 32 tanks to Colombian government


  7. Confirmed: Legal Medicine determined that social leader Carlos Pedraza was killed by a shot in the neck


  8. Our comrade Carlos Alberto Pedraza Salcedo was assassinated


  9. Unión Sindical Obrero Returns to Campo Rubiales

    the workers that the USO was coming back.  The USO ended the powerful day with the installation of the new (...)

  10. Threats to leaders, human rights advocates, and community and human rights organizations

    to remove displaced people at the barrel of a gun. •    January 11, 2015. A new pamphlet from the Capital (...)