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  1. Grave human rights situation in the National Strike denounced

    in the region. In addition, new information has surfaced about the assassination of two indigenous people (...)

  2. Police attacks leave one person dead and several injured in Colombia's Cauca Valley region.


  3. Threat against protesters

    In Colombia, on the evening of 28th May, peaceful protestors allied with the Congreso de los Pueblos (The Congress of the Peoples is a social and political movement born out of the “La Minga” indigenous mobilizations of 2008. The movement achieved nationa (...)

  4. The Profiteers Bulletin- May 2016

    Français This bulletin consists of an electronic version (below), but also a PDF version that we invite you to print and distribute in your workplace. We also encourage you to invite your colleagues and allies to subscribe to this email list. This allow y (...)

  5. Demands of the social and workers’ sectors

    to human life. We demand that new mining concessions be put on hold, that Constitutional Court decisions (...)

  6. Organizations condemn Eco Oro Minerals’ warning that it could sue Colombia over water protection measures


  7. Regional meeting for the water defense in Sumapaz


  8. Setting-up the first women’s forum of the People’s Congress

    to discuss and to debate on their role in the construction of a new proposition of an anti-patriarchal, (...)

  9. Mobilisations against multinationals and mining operations the province of Sugamuxi

    by the territory exploitation are not new in the region and are part of a national fight for the environment ... Galán Zorro), to propose a new mineral-energetic ley that would allow a new social and economic (...)

  10. The Profiteers Bulletin- January 2016

    Français *|MC:SUBJECT|* REMISO! Resistance against the militarization of society! REMISO is the name of a campaign organized by the National Association of the Youth and Students of Colombia (ANJECO). This campaign aims at denouncing the militarization of (...)