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    at all costs, our union organizing in the new oil fields in the Department of Meta, the country’s highest oil producing region. This is a new attack by the government against trade unionism that proves ... criminalizes social mobilization, as well as the reason for a new bill (091/ 2013) advanced by Minister (...)

  2. Colombia: multinationals on 'trial' for rights abuses


  3. "Piqueteros" Colombian style


  4. Indigenous leader receives death threats from paramilitaries

    Español An indigenous leader from the southwest of Colombia has received death threats from paramilitaries, reported local media Sunday. The leader from the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca (ACIN), Feliciano Valencia, was alerted by in (...)

  5. Neo-paramilitaries promise “social cleansing” in Colombia’s southwest


  6. Police break up strike at La Caypa mine, property of the Canadian Pacific Coal


  7. “It Could Happen to Any of Us”: Deadly Attacks Against Colombian Human Rights Defenders


  8. Efforts to discredit human rights lawyers’ collective CAJAR puts them at risk of attack


  9. Against All Odds: The Deadly Struggle of Land Rights Leaders in Colombia


  10. Colombia after a year under Santos: the terror statistics

    killed by soldiers continues, in the euphemistic term “false positives" with at least 29 new ... their criminal actions together with the public police force throughout the whole country, enjoying new impunity ... .php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3082:asesinado-en-carepa-el-dirigente-sindical-jorge-alberto-durante&catid=54:what (...)