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  1. Ground report Accompanying Afro-Colombian communities in Choco

      April 19 th 2011  PBI Colombia blog If you ask people in the Curbaradó river valley how they are doing, they will often say: ‘Aquí, luchando’ (here, struggling). During the last several months I’ve been accompanying quite a bit in Curbaradó, and am begi (...)

  2. Crude Gold, a series of short documentaries showcasing 5 pivotal cases of foreign-funded mining exploitation connected to Canadian investors


  3. CARBON QUIEN GANA-Tierra Digna's Coal Subtitles


  4. Minga of Resistence Conejo River


  5. watch the documentary "Mining Orgy"


  6. Colombia: The Deadly Fight for Land


  7. Video: Liliany Obando Speaks Regarding the Refusal of the Santos Regime of the Verifications of the Conditions in the State Jails

    PASC Médias Campagne de solidarité avec les prisonniÈres politiques (...)

  8. Solidarity and Support for Indigenous Communities in Cauca

    Français Español “We are not going to hurt anybody, but we will use the force of our united community, our words and our rights to gain back our territories.”   The social, union and human right organizations that have signed below express before the nati (...)

  9. VIDEO: Embera indigenous people say 'no' to the mining industry


  10. Federal mining agency can't find work