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  1. Threats to Colombian organizations


  2. Cali: From detention sites to mass graves and chop-up houses

    Español Français On May 13, 2021, our organizations received sensitive accounts of absolutely horrific police conduct and practices which, if true, must be shocking to anyone with a human conscience. These accounts show that when there is a mentality at t (...)

  3. We returned with our dignity, to put Life and territory in harmony.

    Español And it was about time! That year spent uprooted in the port of Buenaventura was more than enough. The profound effects of this forced encounter with urbanization and the ever-present image of progress alienate them even more from a State which doe (...)

  4. Vídeo: An indigenous Nonam community is displaced from its land


  5. Public Statement regarding the failure of the Government to help the Nonam community

    Español The Nonam community calls on Buenaventura District Government to comply with its engagements taken for their return to their territory, the security and dignity of the indigenous people. PUBLIC STATEMENT We, members of the NONAM Indigenous Communi (...)