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  1. Violence Against Women Continues in the Colombian Massif

    The Committee for the Integration of the Colombian Massif (CIMA) denounces-- before regional, national and international human rights organizations-- the assassination of Luz Eneida Gómez. Ms. Gómez was 35 years old and the wife of community leader Oscar (...)

  2. Protect Indigenous and Afro-Descendant Communities in Northern Cauca


  3. Indigenous leader receives death threats from paramilitaries

    Español An indigenous leader from the southwest of Colombia has received death threats from paramilitaries, reported local media Sunday. The leader from the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca (ACIN), Feliciano Valencia, was alerted by in (...)

  4. Neo-paramilitaries promise “social cleansing” in Colombia’s southwest


  5. Solidarity and Support for Indigenous Communities in Cauca

    Français Español “We are not going to hurt anybody, but we will use the force of our united community, our words and our rights to gain back our territories.”   The social, union and human right organizations that have signed below express before the nati (...)

  6. In Cauca Province of Colombia, Indigenous People Fight Back Against Government and FARC


  7. 400 residents occupy military base in Colombia's troubled Cauca department


  8. PBS Show Profiles Conflict, Gold and BACRIMs in Colombia


  9. Colombia: When Humanitarian Law Is Just Rhetoric


  10. Angela Davis in Colombia: Afro struggles and prison industrial complex