Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Political Prisoners Solidarity Campaign

Declaration of Humanitarian Emergency

22 April 2022

Different organizations, movements, peoples and individuals, who believe in a dignified and just Colombia, declare a Humanitarian Emergency.

We invite you to join this initiative, which seeks the following objectives:

Wave of arrests in ongoing persecution of the Congreso de los Pueblos’ national leaders in Colombia

16 December 2020

We, the Congreso de los Pueblos — a Colombian social movement seeking to build popular power and dignity in life — are suffering a new wave of arbitrary detentions of our leaders. In less than twelve hours, three comrades and social leaders have been unjustly arrested across different regions of Colombia. All three are land defenders, peasant men who have dedicated their lives to their communities, struggling for el buen vivir through building popular power. 

Excessive use of force by the police and inpec against the population deprived of liberty

22 March 2020

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The 62 social organizations that sign this document demand that the government take actions to guarantee protection of the integrity and health of the population deprived of liberty in the penitentiary and prison systems. Shots and assaults have been used since 9.30 p.m on March 21, 2020 against people who are demanding effective sanitary measures which will prevent them from being infected with the virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome Sars-Cov 2 (COVID-19).


Thoughts about education from prison

23 November 2019

Julian Gil is a political prisoner, member of Congreso de los Pueblos and Red de Hermandad. He has been detained since June 6, 2018, waiting for his trial, because of a judiciary frame-up. PASC supports the international campaign for his immediate release. He writes regularly about the reality he observes from his cell.


Interview with Palestinian activist Dana Farraj : “In the era of globalization of repression, the struggle must be globalized.”

4 April 2019

Dana Farraj is Palestinian. She studied law in her country and did a four-month internship in Colombia with Equipo Jurídico Pueblos. Dana is part of the Palestinian movement known as PULSE (Palestinian people united for freedom, solidarity, and emancipation), which in turn is a component of a youth forum called Nabd. In the formal presentation of PULSE, “the need arises for convergent initiatives and movements that fight for freedom and justice against oppression, exploitation, and discrimination around the world.

A bas les murs de la prison de Valledupar

26 February 2016 - 23:00

Une soirée en solidarité avec les détenu.e.s de la prison de Valledupar, la Tramacua, dont les murs doivent tomber!

OÙ? DIRA: 2035 St-Laurent (3e étage), Montréal, QC

QUAND? vendredi 26 février à 18h00

Manifeste des détenu.e.s contre l’austérité

14 January 2016

Les mesures d’austérité imposées par le gouvernement Couillard au milieu carcéral résultent en des conditions de vie devenues insupportables. On nous traite comme des dont la vie ne vaut rien. Le gouvernement coupe dans les budgets de l’administration, et celle-ci se fait une joie de nous refiler la facture. Nous n’avons pas les grands syndicats nationaux pour défendre notre intérêt, pas de gens payé.e.s pour mener des campagnes de mobilisation en notre nom, pas personne pour nous défendre à notre place.