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Justicia y Paz

Humanitarian Zone, for our present and future dignified life Statement from the Residents of Buenaventura

17 April 2014

Faced with the barbarity which we have witnessed, the murder of members of our community by paramilitaries since November of last year through today, before the terror that we live daily, the 800 families who live in 500 homes in the Nayero Bridge sector San Francisco, in the La Playita area of Buenaventura, Colombia, we have declared our territory as Living Space, Protection Area and Humanitarian Zone.

Young members of the ZRC arbitrarily detained by militaries 27th brigade

23 September 2013

Puerto Asís - Putumayo

6 young members of the peasant-reserve-zone were taken their freedom with the argument that they have to fulfill their military duty.

This morning the boys were taken to the 27th artillery battalion which is located in Santana where they were broad to the military garrison.

Cacarica : Imminent threat of forced displacement

16 September 2013

Urgent Action: government urged to halt paramilitaries

Paramilitaries are threatening to kill Afro-descendants in the Cacarica River Basin in north-western Colombia. There is an imminent threat of forced displacement.

Colombia: Shots fired at vehicle of Father Alberto

15 February 2013

On 13 February 2013, three pellets were fired at the vehicle of Father Alberto Franco, a prominent human rights defender and Executive Secretary of the Comisión Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz (Inter-Church Commission for Justice and Peace CIJP).

VIDEO: Embera indigenous people say 'no' to the mining industry

25 May 2012

Careperro Mountain ("Haykatumá in the indigenous Embera language,) is one of the most sacred and important sites for the Embera culture. Beneath this mountain, lies gold, copper and other minerals.  When the government awarded nine mining titles to the U.S. company Muriel Mining Corporation in 2005, for the purpose of extracting natural resources in the Chocó, the Embera communities were strongly opposed from the start.


Death and Impunity Increase in Chocó

20 March 2012

The Washington Office on Latin America visited Chocó in March 2012. Alarmed by the severity of grave human rights situation in Chocó, we support the following statement issued by Diocese of Quibdó. We also encourage the U.S. government to promptly act in order to guarantee human rights and territorial rights for Chocó’s Afro-Colombian and indigenous peoples and to promote efforts that dismantle the military, political and economic operations of illegal armed groups in the Chocó.