Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Red de Hermandad (RedHer)

Colombia and its criminal politics

16 February 2009

Published in la Piedra No 5,

In Colombia, the criminalization of social and popular sectors that oppose the current regime is a national disgrace. Since the 60s, every successive government has used the judiciary arm as a powerful tool to punish dissidents and rebels who fight the hideous repressive status quo imposed upon the Colombian people by the secular oligarchy of this country.

Deportation of an international investigator from Colombia

3 October 2008

Christina Friederika Muller deported from Colombia.

Investigator with Masters in Communications

We, the below signed organisations, members of the Network of Solidarity and Friendship with Colombia denounce to the national and international community the deportation from Colombia of Christina Friederika Muller, a German citizen who was providing accompaniment to Human Rights Organisations.

We categorically reject this arbitary and unjust actions carried out by the Colombian Security Service (DAS) in the city of Cali.

People's Permanent Tribunal Colombia Session :Transnational corporations and crimes against humanity

21 July 2008

Background of Peoples' Tribunal:

The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal is an international independent tribunal that examines and judges complaints regarding violations of human rights that have been submitted by the victims. The Tribunal was founded in June 1979 in Italy by legal experts, writers and other intellectuals. It followed the Bertrand Russell International War Crimes Tribunal, which held two sessions in 1967 to expose war crimes committed against the Vietnamese people.

Death threats sent to Human Rights organizations

21 April 2008

On 10 April 2008, several social and human rights organizations received a threatening email from a paramilitary group called "Águilas Negras, Bloque Norte de Colombia" ( Black Eagles, North Division of Colombia). The group declared as targets for assassination members of the Southern Bolivar Agricultural-Mining Federation (the Federation), Sembrar Corporation (a human rights organization), the Program for Development and Peace in the Middle Magdalena (Programa) and the parish priests of two rural communities, Tiquisio and Regidor, in southern Bolivar province.

S.O.S. for the communities of Catatumbo

21 October 2007

The Association for the Promotion of Social Alternatives, MINGA, the Progresar Foundation and the Committee of Social Integration in Catatumbo,
CISCA, denounce before the national and international community the aggravation of the human rights crisis in the Catatumbo region, Norte de
Santander department (province), resulting from the atrocities committed by presumed members of public forces against the peasant farming


20 May 2007


Threats against international organizations in Colombia

International and national organisations accompanying the communities of Sur de Bolívar have been threatened alongside miners leaders

Digging Up Canadian Dirt in Colombia

6 November 2006

Up a flight of stairs, behind double-enforced bulletproof glass and a large, silent bodyguard sits the office of Francisco Ramírez, a mining-policy researcher and president of Sintraminercol, Colombia’s state mineworkers’ union. Mining policy really isn’t sexy stuff and researching it usually isn’t a dangerous occupation, but some of Mr. Ramírez’s conclusions can mean life or death, both literally and figuratively. “Once they tried to kill me right here in this office,” said the researcher, who has survived seven assassination attempts.