Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Red de Hermandad (RedHer)

COLOMBIA. VII International Mining Fair in Medellin. Deals for up to 350 million dollars, especially for goldmines. Demonstrators alert about dangers caused by the “boom”.

4 September 2011

From August 31st to September 2nd, 2011, the Grand Convention Plaza and Exposition Center witnessed the seventh annual International Mining Fair, organized by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Regional Government of Antioquia, and Asomineros (Miners Association Chamber) of the ANDI (National Association of Industries). Outside of the event thoe opposed to the “mining locomotive” – proposed by President Santos –were demonstrating against it.

Inmates Violently Repressed in prison Described as "Depths of Hell"

28 June 2011

Valledupar High Security Prison

On the evening of June 11th security guards at the high security prison in Valledupar, known as ‘La Tramacua’, led by the prison director Leopoldo Lopez Pinzon, stormed several towers of the prison. These had been peacefully occupied by prisoners since May 2nd when they began a campaign of ‘peaceful disobedience’ to highlight the intolerable conditions they endure in the prison. During the assault up to 30 prisoners were injured and four were knocked unconscious.

La Colosa: the quest for El Dorado in Cajamarca, Colombia

31 May 2011

Gold prices have surged in recent years. As a result of the 'investor friendly' climate promoted by the Colombian government’s 'democratic security' policies, multinationals have been awarded mining rights to extensive areas of the country. Many of these areas cover national parks, and lands inhabited by Indigenous, Afro-Colombian and peasant communities, who will be displaced to make way for the mining companies.

Two Miners of FEDEAGROMISBOL Assassinated

15 February 2010

On February 10, Paramilitaries assassinated two miners from FEDEAGROMISBOL. The Southern Bolivar Agricultural – Mining Federation is a coalition of peasant farming and mining communities in Southern Bolivar province. CPT Colombia has accompanied FEDEAGROMISBOL since the assassination of Alejandro Uribe Chacón in 2006. These communities continue in their nonviolent struggle for the right to their land and dignity. The information below is the public denouncement of the assassination of their two members.

The organizations, signed below, publicly denounce the following event: