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Red de Hermandad (RedHer)

Communities in Casanare Speak Out Against Petroleum Exploitation and Canadian Company Talisman Energy

8 June 2014

On April 26, 2014, hundreds of residents from the department Casanare gathered in Trinidad, Casanare for a public hearing on the on the environmental and human rights impacts of oil exploitation. Senator Iván Cepeda presided over the hearing, and a number of government officials attended. They listened to the testimonies of community members, who presented instances of human rights violations and environmental damage due to petroleum extraction by multinational companies like Talisman Energy.  

USO legal action frees three members detained as a result of persecution by the multinational Pacific Rubiales

20 February 2014

A court ruling that struck down a detention order led yesterday to the release of three members of the Unión Sindical Obrera (USO), Héctor Sánchez, Dilio Naranjo Gualteros, and Campo Elías Ortiz. The men were being detained for offences allegedly committed during protests held in Puerto Gaitán in 2011, in the ongoing campaign to compel the multinational Pacific Rubiales and its contractors to respect labour rights.

U.S. Congress shines a light on persecution of USO

2 February 2014

The USO leaders unjustly detained in La Picota are shortly to receive a visit from a Democratic US Congressman who wishes to show his concern about the recrudescence of trade union persecution in Colombia.