Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Red de Hermandad (RedHer)

Opposition to wave of detentions in South Bolivar

23 March 2017

22 Mar. CI.- This morning a series of captures of social and peasant leaders began in the region of South Bolívar, one of the most impacted by the armed conflict and paramilitary presence. Milena Quiroz, of the Agrarian Summit, was detained in her house as was Isidro Alarcón, both in the municipality of Arenal. Francisco Zabaleta of the municipality of Norosí was also detained.

Grave human rights situation in the National Strike denounced

5 June 2016

According to the People’s Congress, there are 134 people detained in Santander*, 3 dead in the south-west part of the country and an undetermined number of injured people by actions of the public force against protesters.  In Tolima the Black Eagles threatened the social organizations in the region. In addition, new information has surfaced about the assassination of two indigenous people in Cauca and the forced miscarriage of two women due to attacks by the Police.

Detentions in Berlin

Police attacks leave one person dead and several injured in Colombia's Cauca Valley region.

30 May 2016

Since Saturday, thousands of peasants, indigenous people and afro-Colombians have been mobilising for a nationwide strike called for 30 May. Amongst their demands are calls for improvements in health, education, access to land and a moratorium on extractive projects. While the government, emboldened by the progress in formal peace talks with insurgents, claims that the current model of economic development is not up for debate, popular social and political movements argue that any durable peace must include deeper transformations in society.

An agrarian leader from Arauca arrested

25 February 2015
Who is Alexander Tibacuy Laguado?
Recently, members of the CTI and SIJIN arrested the communal leader Alexander Tibacuy as results of an investigation on crimes related to the Concert of Delinquency and Financing of Terrorism. But who is Alexander Tibacuy?
ALEXANDER TIBACUY LAGUADO is the President of the Department’s Communal Action Assemblies Federation in Arauca and member of the Political movement of the social and popular masses of center east Colombia and member of the People’s Congress. 

Imminent Displacement of Farmers due to OXY Oil Company's pressures

25 February 2015

On February 26th and 27th, Arauca’s police supervisor will try to force around 40 families that occupy their lands, and were dispossessed by the oil transnational OXY more than 20 years ago, out of their lands. Paramilitary threats, resistance of farmers and indigenous communities. 

The 40 families that insist on recuperating their lands despite the siege of the oil’s security forces, the police and the army have already settled back since 16 month.