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The Civic Strike in Buenaventura had reached an agreement

14 June 2017

The Civic Strike in Buenaventura had reached an agreement with the national government and the strike has been suspended.

This is a major and historical moment not only for the people in Buenaventura but for the Black movement and people in Colombia. The strike showed the indifferent racist Colombians and Colombian government that people who has been suffering for centuries the racism and exclusion and the excruciating situation of poverty and violence eventually raises up and turn things around.

Documental : Casanare Petróleo y Terror

5 June 2017

Such has been the lot of thousands of labor leaders, environmentalists, and public investigators in Colombia's oil-rich state of Casanare, where for decades British Petroleum and other multinationals have hired military groups to brutalize community dissent and shut down opposition to the most egregious models of their extractive economics.

Common Ground of Indigenous Struggles in Colombia and Canada

17 May 2017

There are striking parallels between Indigenous Peoples in Canada and Colombia. This is a hemisphere where efforts have been made since contact to eliminate Indigenous Peoples through policies of physical and cultural genocide. While there are clear differences, the shared experiences are of structural discrimination and destructive policies leading to marginalization, displacement, and barriers to obtaining title and effective control over ancestral territories.


12 May 2017

January to March 2017
PBI’s quarterly human rights update calls attention to critical security situations affecting the persons, organisations and communities, accompanied by Peace Brigades International (PBI), whose work in the defence of human rights results in threats to their personal safety and to the work itself. This publication is of limited distribution and cannot be reproduced without prior authorisation.

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Persecuted for Defending their Right to Have Access to Drinking Water: The Case of the Canadian Oil Company Gran Tierra in the localities of Yopal and Aguazul

9 May 2017

Since February 15, 2017, communities in the municipalities of Yopal and Aguazul, in the department of Casanare, peacefully gathered and blocked a road opposite the oil block project El Porton, run by the Canadian oil company Gran Tierra. Since the beginning of the mobilization, social leaders have received threatening calls, have been followed by different vehicles and three have been charged for obstructing the transit way.

Regional Context

Canada’s Gran Colombia Gold files $700 million lawsuit against Colombia over Marmato project

2 May 2017

April 10, 2017

Canadian miner Gran Colombia Gold has filed a US$700 million lawsuit against Colombia under the Colombian-Canadian free trade agreement after the government ordered the company to cease operations at the El Burro site in Marmato until it has further consulted with local residents.

The Marmato project has been plagued by controversy ever since operations began 10 years ago, with heavy resistance from traditional mining communities of the 500 year-old town.

Big Win for Colombian Community Against Canadian Mining Giant

2 May 2017

The Indigenous and Afro-Colombian community of Marmato won a major court victory in their 10-year fight against a massive Canadian gold mine.

In February 2017, Colombia's Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the residents of Marmato, a small Indigenous and Afro-Colombian community in the center of the country, in their 10-year fight against a massive open pit mine project by Canadian gold giant Gran Colombia Gold Corporation.

Gender and the role of women in Colombia’s peace process

21 April 2017

What follows is the summary of a report written on March 4th of 2016 by Dr. Virginia M. Bouvier, Senior Advisor for peace processes at the United States Institute of Peace.

By considering the essentially gendered nature of both war and peace, this article analyses the differential impact of the Colombian internal armed conflict according to gender and other factors of oppression.