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Access to the Cubiros oil well blocked in San Luis de Palenque

7 November 2017

The Cubiros oil well had been blocked for ten days until the protestors reached an agreement with the Canadian company Frontera Energy (previously known as Pacific Stratus, owned by Pacific Rubiales) to resume negotiations which had been interrupted in September.

When the oil companies meddle in the regulations of the Hydrocarbons Act

7 November 2017

In December 2016, in the middle of the night, Couillard government invoked closure on the adoption of Hydrocarbons Act, regardless of any opinions of the inhabitants of the territory, except the one from his oil and gas friend. Last September, it made public the draft regulations for the implementation of this law, which should come into force by the end of 2017. These regulations allow drilling near inhabited areas and in water bodies, inclined to believe the hands of oil company lobbyists wrote them.

Visit of Colombia's President: An Opportunity to Boost Commitment to Peace Process

31 October 2017

As the Canadian government prepares to welcome President Juan Manuel Santos to Ottawa for a State visit (October 29-31), the Americas Policy Group (APG) is calling on the Colombian President to bring an end to a disturbing wave of attacks against social leaders and human rights defenders, to advance without delay the implementation of the Peace Accord signed last year with the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC), and to redouble efforts to reach a peace agreement with the National Liberation Army (ELN).

Trade agreements let Canadian companies make Colombian law

17 October 2017

Two Canadian mining companies are invoking the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, signed in 2008, as a means of extracting US $1 billion from the government of Colombia. The government’s crime: having had the temerity to protect its water resources while not doing enough to repress demonstrators.

The People’s Congress denounces the Tumaco massacre and calls to mobilisation

10 October 2017

The Colombian government in its anti-drugs policy implements in rural zones forced and militarized eradication of the illicit-use crops, a policy which has contributed to the violation of human rights of the peasant communities that demand a policy of crop substitution that is consulted and progressive.

Why is the south of Bogota on Strike ?

27 September 2017

Tomorrow September 27, the strike in the south of the capital of the country begins, it is organized by different urban sectors of the peripheral areas of the capital; but why is the south of Bogotá striking? Why on the 27th of September? This date remembers one of the greatest tragedies of public and environmental health of the Colombian cities. These environmental, social and political conflicts have only been getting worse as Diego Pinto presents in this article.

David and Goliath : the struggle in Pio XII

15 September 2017

The veredas (administrative districts) of Pio XII and Orotoy de Guamal, in the Meta department of Colombia, have been campaigning since February to prevent Ecopetrol from operating an exploratory well on the “La Porfía” property.

Youth opposed to mining shot at in Tolima

2 August 2017

COSAJUCA informs the public opinion that the 28th of July at 7:30pm close to the hamlet of Cajamarca, exactly on the road to the Rincón Placer and Ciudadela Ismael Perdomo, two members of COSAJUCA were victims of an outrage with firearm. Fortunately, these two persons where not hurt from the two shots that were made from a house on street 9. The two members of COSAJUCA were carrying out activities related to human rights, territory and water defence.

Caravan for the Defense of the Land, AUGUST 12th to 20th IN COLOMBIA

28 June 2017


We invite every solidary individual to accompany us during this summer's Caravan for the Defense of the Land. This year's caravan will take place in the east of Antioquia, a region particularly affected by the Colombian armed conflict.

The objectives of the caravan are to give visibility to the problematics related to mining and energy exploitation projects  which threaten the living of populations on the territory, and to reinforce initiatives defending life, water, and the territory, in addition to the construction of true peace.