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10 Years after Operation Genesis: Ecological walk

14 February 2007

from ashes to hope, from death to life.

15th – 23rd February, 2007

10 years of destruction
10 years working towards dignity
10 years pursuing the dignity of the self and the future of humanity


Asociación de familiares de las Víctimas de Riosucio CLAMORES

Asociación de cabildos Cuna, Embara, Katio, ACIKEK

Resguardo Indígena Jooin Pubuur - Cacarica

Familias de los Consejos Comunitarios del Cacarica de Autodeterminación, Vida, Dignidad del Cacarica-CAVIDA-.

Newsletter 2007

1 January 2007

Members of the PASC list


Greetings to all! Here is a short newsletter describing the PASC activities in this beginning of the

year 2007.


To all people interested in international accompaniment in Colombia: the training session will

take place from January to May 2007. Nevertheless, it is possible to join even if it has already

started. Just fill in the form at this address: and contact us at:

Digging Up Canadian Dirt in Colombia

6 November 2006

Up a flight of stairs, behind double-enforced bulletproof glass and a large, silent bodyguard sits the office of Francisco Ramírez, a mining-policy researcher and president of Sintraminercol, Colombia’s state mineworkers’ union. Mining policy really isn’t sexy stuff and researching it usually isn’t a dangerous occupation, but some of Mr. Ramírez’s conclusions can mean life or death, both literally and figuratively. “Once they tried to kill me right here in this office,” said the researcher, who has survived seven assassination attempts.

Canadian company Enbridge Spreads Disaster in Colombia

1 October 2004

In the December 2000/January 2001 Monitor, I reported that Enbridge Inc., one of Canada's leading energy corporations, was linked to death squads in Colombia according to information provided by Amnesty International. Below, I examine the impact of this revelation in Canada as well as detail the further damage caused in Colombia by the consortium of which Enbridge is a part.

Francisco Ramirez: Colombian mineworkers resist global assault

19 May 2003

Francisco Ramirez is President of SINTRAMINERCOL, the union representing workers in the Colombian state-owned mining company MINERCOL, and Secretary of FUNTRAMIENERGETICA, the federation of Colombian energy sector unions including the oil industry workers union USO, SINTRAMINERCOL, and SINTRAMIENERGETICA. He is also a member of the Human Rights Committee of the CUT union federation. Francisco is currently touring Britain, meeting with the NUM, UNISON, T&GWU, UNIFI, TUC (Wales), NWTUC.

Profiting from Repression : Canadian Firms in Colombia Protected by Military Death Squads

25 January 2001

Since 1990, 35,000 Colombians have been killed in a horrific escalation of political violence. An average of ten political assassinations are reported every day. Colombia's state security forces and their paramilitary allies have been responsible for the vast majority of these killings. Many paramilitary death squads have been created by the Colombian military.

The Colombian Plan Pacifico: Sustaining the Unsustainable

1 October 2000

Note from the PASC : in 1995, CIDA approved $241,861 in training and technical assistance funds for the Colombian government's Pacific Plan. The money was to go to Radarsat International Inc. (Ottawa) which until December 1, 1998, had received $171,248.