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Colombie : Nouveau crime d'État contre des leaders sociaux dans le département du César

23 February 2022

23 fév. CI.- Les leaders paysans Teófilo Acuña et Jorge Alberto Tafur ont été assassinés dans la soirée du 22 février, alors qu'ils se trouvaient dans une maison du village de Puerto Oculto, municipalité de San Martín, département du César. Les deux leaders sociaux étaient membres de l'organisation paysanne : Coordination nationale agraire -CNA- et du Congrès des peuples (Congreso de los Pueblos).

Anything is possible : The dream of Colombia’s “Paro Nacional”

13 January 2022
Monumento Puerto Resistencia

April 28th, 2021 will be forever remembered in History as the beginning of the “Paro Nacional”, a large-scale national mobilization in Colombia. History will remember that this “Paro” for its inspiring resistance, but also for its 80 dead (Indepaz), its nearly 300 disappeared and its torture centers in grocery stores.

Arrest of a Peoples' Congress activist Erika Prieto

10 December 2021

Today Erika Prieto presented herself to the Prosecutor office in Bogota to face charges hold against her in one of the judicial frame up against activist of the People's Congress caused by political interference in the judicial system. Judicial frame ups are an ongoing practice of setting up activist under false evidence and false testimony having them jailed awaiting trial for up to two years stopping them from going on with their legitimate demands.

Statement National Popular Assembly

14 June 2021

In Bosa, the ancestral territory of the Muisca peoples, the National Popular Assembly was held with the participation of more than 2,000 in-person and virtual delegates from different regions of the country, in an autonomous and self-organized exercise.