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Statement National Popular Assembly

14 June 2021

In Bosa, the ancestral territory of the Muisca peoples, the National Popular Assembly was held with the participation of more than 2,000 in-person and virtual delegates from different regions of the country, in an autonomous and self-organized exercise.

The Colombian state rewards those who ransack public services and cause social breakage

16 May 2021

ALBERTO CARRASQUILLA was Minister of Finance under President Uribe (2003-2007) and under President Ivan Duque from 2018 to May 2021. This former finance minister privatized the water supply service, draining funds from already poor municipalities for his own private companies. In April 2021, he presented an obscene tax reform bill, contested from all sides. Because of all this, the Colombian state decided to reward him by nominating him for the presidency of the Development Bank of Latin America...

Indigenous people in the department of Caldas continue in Minga participating in the Colombian National Strike

6 May 2021

Since April 28th, thousands of Colombians have joined the national strike which started mainly against a regressive tax reform bill proposed by the Colombian government and now has become a wider and diverse protest of indigenous, afro-descendant, peasants, workers, women and LGTBQI collectives, unions, youth, students, academics and health workers to challenge the nation’s violent and unequal order.

Wave of arrests in ongoing persecution of the Congreso de los Pueblos’ national leaders in Colombia

16 December 2020

We, the Congreso de los Pueblos — a Colombian social movement seeking to build popular power and dignity in life — are suffering a new wave of arbitrary detentions of our leaders. In less than twelve hours, three comrades and social leaders have been unjustly arrested across different regions of Colombia. All three are land defenders, peasant men who have dedicated their lives to their communities, struggling for el buen vivir through building popular power. 

Colombia: between genocide and resistance

17 September 2020

Being Colombian and living in Colombia at this time,looks like a terrible picture of history, and realizing that although the years pass, the landscapes and characters portrayed mutate, change their appearance, but do not alter the original order of the image.

Humanitarian camp for life set up in response to the humanitarian crisis in Colombia

7 September 2020

Bogotá, September 7, 2020 - From early morning hours, nearly 30 people have decided to set up a humanitarian camp in front of one of the headquarters of the International Red Cross in Bogotá, seeking  for this organization to establish official channels of communication with the national government to face the humanitarian crisis that the country is experiencing, so that immediate measures can be taken to stop the assassination of social leaders, dismantle paramilitarism and definitively stop the massacres.