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  1. The slip-ups of the Forestry Bill in Colombia

    The slip-ups of the Forestry Bill in Colombia Perhaps no other Bill in Colombia on environmental matters has given rise to such diverse opinions and to such commotion as the discussion in the Colombian Congress of the General Forestry Law adopted by this (...)

  2. BP's Colombian pipeline subsidiaries have driven peasants off their land


  3. Multinational Corporations, Rentier Capitalism, and the War System in Colombia


  4. Fueling War: The Impact of Canadian Oil Investment on the Conflict in Colombia


  5. Plan Colombia


  6. The Colombian Plan Pacifico: Sustaining the Unsustainable

    the DariEn Gap?", Foreign Minister Noemi Sanin de Rubio asked a forum sponsored by the daily El ... Pacific countries. President Gaviria raised the DariEn Gap idea during a meeting with President Guillermo ... organizations joined OREWA to protest the decision of Codechoco to grant the Maderas del DariEn and Pizano (...)