Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Résultats de la recherche

Résultats de la recherche

  1. PASC's Pamphlet

    Español Document of presentation of the PASC and short analysis of the socio-politic context in which our work take form. We strongly encourage you to reproduce and diffuse this document. PASC PASC English PASC's Pamphlet (...)

  2. Palm derived agrofuels are not ecologically y sustainable


  3. 10 Years after Operation Genesis: Ecological walk

    Français from ashes to hope, from death to life. 15th – 23rd February, 2007 10 years of destruction 10 years working towards dignity 10 years pursuing the dignity of the self and the future of humanity CONVOCAN- YOU ARE INVITED BY- CONVOQUENT- CONVOCA: As (...)

  4. Biodiesel from oil palm

    The Western world, and in particular the countries of the North, gave in to addiction to fossil fuels. This path has led to something that today nobody can doubt: climate change. Many solutions have been put forth to face it, but most of them let humanity (...)

  5. Newsletter 2007

    Members of the PASC list   Greetings to all! Here is a short newsletter describing the PASC activities in this beginning of the year 2007.   To all people interested in international accompaniment in Colombia: the training session will take place from Jan (...)

  6. Digging Up Canadian Dirt in Colombia


  7. Palm Growers and Paramilitaries in Uraba

    African palm plantation companies are playing a growing role in helping paramilitaries consolidate their control of the Uraba region of Choco and Antioquia in Colombia. Indigenous, Afro-Colombian, and peace communities have long stood in the way of corpor (...)

  8. Colombian Government pressurised by Mining Multinationals decides to suspend the protective measures given to the president of Sintraminercol, Francisco Ramirez


  9. The Humanitarian Zones


  10. Paramilitarism A Criminal Policy of the State Which Devours the Country