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  1. El TLC Colombia-Canadá y la venta ilegal de Frontino Gold Mines


  2. Compañia canadiense anuncia que necesita tumbar todo el pueblo de Marmato


  3. El Modelo minero canadiense: Saqueo e Impunidad institucionalizados


  4. The Canadian mineable pattern: institutionalized plundering and impunity


  5. Conservatives revive Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement


  6. CCFTA is back

    Ottawa – The Council of Canadians is urging Michael Ignatieff to direct Liberal MPs to vote against any effort by the Harper government to reintroduce and fast-track the Canada-Colombia free trade agreement into the House of Commons until an independent a (...)

  7. Alimenter le sous-développement en Colombie


  8. Where will you stand on the Canada-Colombia FTA

    I spent a good part of the other week watching the performances of Liberals and Conservatives in the Canadian House of Commons as they debated Bill C-23, implementing legislation of the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA). With a looming election (...)

  9. Fuelling Underdevelopment in Colombia


  10. Alberta's Crude Business in Colombia

    When Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day signed the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Peru on November 21, it was a happy day for Canada’s oil and gas sector, but the deal was celebrated by its signatories as a landmark for human rig (...)