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  1. Declaración Final del Congreso Nacional de Tierras,Territorios y Soberanías


  2. Colombie- Antierrorisme et droits humain: 10 ans d'incompatibilité?

    marqué le début d’une véritable régression des droits et libertés.   Les attentats de New York (...)

  3. La seguridad del saqueo petrolero en Colombia


  4. Colombia’s Gold Rush: The Silver Lining for Paramilitaries and Guerrillas

    multinational mining companies over small to medium scale local miners. While this new gold rush represents ... sector, it seems that paramilitary and guerrilla groups have identified new-found fuel for their fire. ... revealed a surge in death threats from the right-wing paramilitary group—the New Generation of Black (...)

  5. Colombia- Antiterrorism and Human Rights: 10 years of non-compability?

    starting with the United States and the United Kingdom immediately reacted to the attacks in New York (...)

  6. Colombia – Antiterrorismo y derechos humanos ¿diez años de incompatibilidad?


  7. Periódico Confluencia de Mujeres para la Acción Pública


  8. Request for intervention on the law of victims and the right to peace

    territories claimed by the new phase of the paramilitarism within the Plan of Mejor Esquina de las Americas, ... of these strategic resources are part of the new government policies known as "the engines of development", (...)

  9. Solicitud de intervención sobre la ley de víctimas y el derecho a la paz


  10. Corte Constitucional otorga protección al derecho a la Consulta Previa