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Résultats de la recherche

  1. Marmato: Colombian miners battle Canadian company for an estimated $18 billion in gold

    in a new documentary. The Sundance Film Festival debuted the documentary "Marmato" in Park City, ... many of them. So he and others started reopening the mines and building new ones. He is now the owner (...)

  2. Colombian activists says Canadian companies benefiting from human rights abuses

    in the country — it helped write Colombia’s new mining law — is a key reason the activists say Canada has (...)

  3. People’s tribunal on the Canadian mining industry to take place in May 2014, in Montreal


  4. 2013 Report: 'Targeting Canadian War Profiteers in Colombia!'

    Canadian investment that fuels the cycle of violence in Colombia. This objective has taken on a new ... at 2 (...)

  5. U.S. Congress shines a light on persecution of USO


  6. Photo essay / Southwest Antioquia: Microcosm of Social Conflict in Colombia’s New Gold Rush

    peace talks attempting to end a brutal internal armed conflict spanning over 50 years, the new gold rush is dangerously fracturing new social divisions in a fragile State. (2) The new gold rush has arrived seemingly ... 2014/01/10/2014-01-southwest- antioquia-microcosm-of-social- conflict-in-colombia’s-new- gold-rush/ / James (...)

  7. Large Scale Mining Creates Social Division in Caramanta


  8. Continuous surge of arrests of syndicate leaders in Colombia

    applying the dark "Citizen Security Statute" that opens the way to a new stage of prosecution ... of the CUT and of Fensuagro. The risk of new arrests has been announced to the directors of USO, another (...)

  9. The Profiteers Bulletin- September 2013

    This bulletin consists of an electronic version (below), but also a PDF version (...)