Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie


Résultats de la recherche

  1. REMISO! Resistance against the militarization of society!


  2. Call to strengthen society's participation in the Peace Talks

    the upcoming talks between the national government and the ELN demand a new push for civic participation. ... process and the historic demand for a new democratic pact for Colombia. We therefore lend the support ... firm and durable political consensus and agreement within Colombian society in support of a new (...)

  3. Minga of Resistence Conejo River


  4. It was 10 years ago, Orlando Valencia was assassinated


  5. Invisible Families


  6. The Profiteers Bulletin- October 2015

    Minister Stephen Harper announced Canada’s new “Americas Policy”, through which Canada would build trade (...)

  7. A caravan in defense of life and territory: Impunity still on its pedestal

    system.  Since 2011, a new national security law (law 1453) was created and essentially facilitates (...)

  8. Video: payada pa' satan


  9. After the agreements in Havana, obstructions remain to participation of the majorities

    -llamamiento-a-fortalecer-la-participacion-de-la-sociedad-en-los-dialogos-de-paz.html) and to create a social ... American unity, and the dreams of a new continent. Colombia informa Médias (...)

  10. Pacific Rubiales: once again where it shouldn’t be…