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Résultats de la recherche

Résultats de la recherche

  1. Indefinite General Strike in Buenaventura

     - OPEN LETTER TO COLOMBIAN PRESIDENT MANUEL SANTOS- BUENAVENTURA IS IN A STATE OF HUMANITARIAN CRISIS- As you know there has been a Paro Civico (civic stoppage) indefinite general strike that has been mounted by the entire population of the Pacific port (...)

  2. Paramilitary presence Arauca

    reports, all with a view to preventing attacks on the life and integrity of these people or acts designed ... displacement of villagers, with many of these criminal acts being supported by public funds. We trust it is not necessary to rehearse the whole blood-soaked history in order for the competent authorities to act (...)

  3. Présence paramilitaire Arauca

    et de déplacement forcé des, ces actes criminels ayant souvent été financés avec l’utilisation (...)

  4. presencia paramilitar Arauca

    ALERTA TEMPRANA                                                                       Saravena-Arauca, 10 de Mayo de 2017. Desde el año pasado, hemos venido denunciando a nivel nacional el recrudecimiento de la actuación paramilitar en los territorios, el (...)